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History of Babcia's

You can say that pierogi making and cooking is in our blood. Our recipes have been handed down through the generations since our family first came to the USA from the Old Country in the early 1900's. 
Grandma Eugenia Ziolkowski would make her pierogi to sell to the Polanaise Restaurant at the corner of William & Townsend for their Friday night Fish Fry.
Grandpa Valentine Kata would often be found teaching his children how to make pierogi.
Preparing for our Christmas Eve wigilia brings back the most fond memories of family & friends gathering in Carol & Dave's kitchen ( aka, mom & dad). Everyone chose their position, & so the fun began! The filling maker, the dough maker, the roller, the filler, the folder, the forker, the boiler, the drainer & the packer! Have a sip of piwo (beer) & repeat!
To this day, we all get together before Christmas, and gather in mom & dad's kitchen to carry on the tradition and hand it down to the next generation.
And so, our passion for pierogi began!


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